cropped-kathys-professional-photo1.jpgKathy is the author of A Journey to Yes, How to Influence Leaders to Get What you Want. A practical, no nonsense guide for advocates on how to build the relationships they need to influence decision makers.

She is also a former two-term city commissioner in a Apopka, Florida. She served on the council from 2004-2012. Having this experience means she knows the challenges advocates and leaders face each day. And she understands the dedication necessary to represent and advocate on behalf of the families and businesses within a community.

An award-winning businesswoman, humanitarian and advocate for municipal Home Rule authority, Kathy is a highly sought-after trainer and lecturer, working with advocates to develop strategic plans that give them the knowledge and skill-set to successfully building relationships with and lobby their legislators. Her common sense, practical approach to influencing leaders is earning her wide-spread recognition amongst elected officials and community advocates.

As a commissioner, she testified on numerous occasions before Florida state legislative committees, advocating for the preservation of municipal Home Rule. In 2012, she founded Kathy Till & Associates., Inc. Working with the Florida League of Cities, she was responsible for creating and developing their regional advocacy team program, managing five teams of local elected officials in fifteen counties and seventy-five cities throughout Central Florida.

As an advocate and leader in Central Florida, Kathy has served as:

  • Past President – Tri-County League of Cities
  • Past Chairman – Florida League of Cities Advocacy Committee
  • Past Chairman – Florida League of Cities Growth Mgt. & Transportation Policy Committee
  • Past Chairman – Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Founder, Apopka Chamber Youth Leadership Program

Aside from her work, Kathy has been married for 31 years to her husband Larry and is the mother to two amazing children, Sonya and Jonathan and her furry companion, Smokey. She’s also the very proud grandmother of Weylan and Hudwin Jewell.

What Clients are Saying…

“The City of St. Cloud and the Tri-county League of Cities have been working with Kathy Till & Associates since 2012. They are viewed as an important partner in our city’s success.” Council Member Donny Shroyer, President, Tri-County League of Cities

“As a result of your training, our coalition was able to lobby in Tallahassee for appropriations needed in our community. Through this lobbying we succeeded in bringing over $7 million to our region. Your hands-on personal touch helped us know who, where and what to do, and allowed us to formulate a strategic plan of action which led to success.”Melonie Monson, Executive Director, Greater Zephryhills Chamber of Commerce